Open Access Publishing at the Max Planck Society

Financed by the national government and federal states, the Max Planck Society engages in basic research in the public interest. Making its scientists’ research findings available for the benefit of the whole of humanity, free of charge whenever possible (Open Access), is a key aspiration of the Society.

Website: Open Access Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

CBS Open Science

CBS Open Science is an institute-wide initiative to empower open, transparent, and reproducible research at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. We organize regular meetings and workshops for researchers at all career levels to foster open science in their daily work.

The open science movement has been unfolding intensively over the past years to improve the credibility and reproducibility of science. Key domains of open practices include pre-registering studies and ideas, publishing open access, and publicly sharing data and code.

Our mission is to promote these practices at our institute with a forum for knowledge exchange. In regular meetings and workshops we aim to establish open science guidelines by collectively discussing state of the art open science practices, critically evaluating their pros and cons for researchers at the institute, and solving challenges that may arise.

Everyone is welcome to join our monthly meetings and to become part of one of our task forces.

Website: CBS Open Science


ReproducibiliTea Leipzig journal club

ReproducibiliTea Leipzig journal club is a space to discuss various aspects related to Open Science practices. We meet every third Tuesday (12-1 pm) to discuss articles, which are selected to touch upon possibly versatile Open Science topics, from general issues to specific applications, presenting both enthusiastic and critical perspectives. If you look for an opportunity to broaden your knowledge on Open Science, discuss pros and cons, share experiences and get to know other Open Science adopters – feel warmly invited!

Website: ReproducibiliTea Leipzig journal club

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Gisela H. Govaart

I am a doctoral researcher at the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin, and the Berlin School of Mind & Brain. I am interested in early language acquisition ­– my research focuses on how infants acquire the sounds of their native language.

I am hoping for a (academic) world that is collaborative and kind, in which research is verifiable and transparent. I think we can get there by opening up science in the broadest possible way, that is, by using Open Science practices and by making sure that everyone’s voice is heard. To contribute to that, I am an active member of the CBS Open Science Initiative, and I write about Open Science (on preregistration, OS and sustainability, and reflexivity).