Julia M. Rohrer

Photo: Ina Müller

I’m a personality psychologist at Leipzig University and founder of the Open Science Initiative Leipzig at the Institute for Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment. Together with three friends of mine, I blog at The 100% CI about scientific openness and other meta-scientific issues.

Website: https://juliarohrer.com/

Contact: julia.rohrer@uni-leipzig.de

Gisela H. Govaart

I am a doctoral researcher at the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin, and the Berlin School of Mind & Brain. I am interested in early language acquisition ­– my research focuses on how infants acquire the sounds of their native language.

I am hoping for a (academic) world that is collaborative and kind, in which research is verifiable and transparent. I think we can get there by opening up science in the broadest possible way, that is, by using Open Science practices and by making sure that everyone’s voice is heard. To contribute to that, I am an active member of the CBS Open Science Initiative, and I write about Open Science (on preregistration, OS and sustainability, and reflexivity).

Website: https://www.cbs.mpg.de/employees/govaart

Contact: govaart@cbs.mpg.de