ManyBabies (MB) is a collaborative project for replication and best practices in developmental psychology research. Our goal is to bring researchers together to address difficult outstanding theoretical and methodological questions about the nature of early development and how it is studied. For example:

  • Do infants prefer helpers over hinderers?
  • When do infants like familiarity and when do they like novelty?
  • Do babies find infant-directed speech (babytalk) more interesting than adult-directed speech?


Contact in Leipzig: Christine Michel (ManyBabies I, currently on leave)


The ManyMoments project aims to improve the replicability and generalizability of the findings obtained with intensive longitudinal data (e.g., experience sampling method, ambulatory assessment, etc.).

For that purpose, we:

  • compile information about tools that help improving the
    replicability and generalizability in the work with intensive
    longitudinal data
  • conduct multi-lab data collections with the experience sampling
    method in multiple contexts (e.g., multiple universities, multiple
    countries, etc)
  • plan to conduct many-analysts re-analysis of existing ESM datasets
    pooled across multiple data sources to test whether published
    findings replicate and generalize
  • develop analytical methods for a better operationalization of
    replicability and generalizability in intensive longitudinal data
  • initiate discussions about the need and solutions for more
    replicable and generalizable ESM research in conferences and meetings



The ManyPrimates project was initiated to facilitate collaboration across study sites in primate cognition research. By joining forces, we hope to address important outstanding questions that individual labs could not answer by themselves. These include:

How reliable are effects in primate cognition research?
How do cognitive abilities map onto phylogeny?
How do environmental variables influence cognition?
How are individual differences in performance structured across tasks and species?


Contact in Leipzig:


We are a global network of researchers with field sites investigating hypotheses that involve generalizing across many individuals (e.g., populations or species). We conduct the same tests in the same way across species to determine whether the results of particular experiments are generalizable beyond that population or species.


Contact in Leipzig: Corina Logan